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Have a group of users and want to see who has more followers, who has the most updates or who follows the most people? Well now you can with TwitterLeague. It's really simple, just sign in with your existing Twitter account using the "Sign in with Twitter button" and create your league (or as many leagues as you like). All you do is then grab the embed code and paste it anywhere you like for all to see.

Please bear in mind that if you want the new look league on your site and have the old style league embedded you will need the new code from the "view league" page. Any questions @ollieparsley :)

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Complete site refresh and new features!

You thought I’d forgotten about TwitterLeague didn’t you?? Well I have been working every evening for the past few weeks working on a complete site refresh and adding a bunch of new features! Site refresh The idea behind the refresh was to bring forward some of the XHTML I had been using and overall reduce [...] [read full article]


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MotorTweets Collections

Do you watch Formula 1? Well MotorTweets allows you to get all your team/drivers news and race information directly in your twitter feed. So how does it work? Well you find your favourite team/drivers on motortweets.com and get their Twitter username. Then just follow the username! Have a look at the leagues in the collection.